Publication Ethics


Jurnal Peternakan Mahaputra is one of  the journals published by Departement of animal science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mahaputra Muhammad Yamin. Jurnal Peternakan Mahaputra  is a scientific journal published online twice a year by online version.

The ethics of this publication involve all parties which related in the publication process of this scientific journal, namely the editor, reviewers, and authors.

This publication ethics essentially approve three ethical values of publications, namely

  • Objectives, which are free from interests in managing publications;
  • Original, i.e. the data used in the publication text is original data and is not manipulated;
  • Honesty, which is free from forms of plagiarism in publications.


Each text that will be published must be sent via the OJS system by first registering as a writer

At JPM. The JPM will not be toleranted with the article Submission of manuscripts simultaneously to more than one journal.