Publication Ethics

Journal of Animal Nutrition and Production Science (JANAPS)

Journal of Animal Nutrition and Production Science (JANAPS) is a peer-reviewed journal that prioritizes academic publication ethical standards and avoids publication malpractice, including plagiarism. Therefore it is essential to agree on proper ethical behavior for scientific journal publication from all parties, including authors, editors, peer reviewers, publishers, and the public, to develop a conducive scientific environment and avoid specific problems that may arise due to conflicts of interest.

Publication and authorship
All registered authors must meet the requirements as authors. The team of authors is made of people who have made a significant contribution to the conception, design, execution, data acquisition, data analysis, or interpretation of the manuscript. All persons who have participated in certain important aspects of the research but do not qualify as authors must still be acknowledged by the writing team. Authorship is the responsibility of the respective authors; they must ensure that all appropriate co-authors are included in the manuscript. Corresponding authors, on behalf of all co-authors, must be responsible for the contents of the journal to be published. The writing system must ensure that all authors are listed in the journal as co-authors and have read and approved the contents of the journal to be published. Requests to add or remove authors or assign author names from manuscripts received before publication should be sent to the Chief Editor.

Author's responsibility
The author is responsible for providing original and accurate data (no plagiarism, no fraudulent data) regarding submitted manuscripts and providing this data if requested. Manuscripts submitted are not being considered or accepted for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts submitted may not be used for review or have been accepted by other journals. If some data has been published elsewhere, the source must be acknowledged or cited accordingly. When reproducing data from other sources, proper citations and permissions are required. Authors must follow the peer review process established by the Journal of Animal Nutrition and Production Science (JANAPS). Manuscripts must follow the journal's submission guidelines. Fundamental Errors in Published Work: If the author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in a submitted manuscript, the author should immediately contact the journal's editor or publisher and work with the editor to retract or correct the paper.

Responsibilities of reviewers
Reviewers are asked to help improve the quality of manuscripts through an objective review process within the scheduled time and contribute to the decision-making process on manuscripts. If the reviewer finds published or submitted content similar to the one being reviewed, the editor must be notified. Reviewers must not have conflicts of interest in relation to research, authors, and research funders. Confidentiality of information provided by editors or authors must be maintained.

Editor's responsibility
The editor has complete responsibility and authority to accept or reject articles. They should have no conflict of interest regarding articles they accept or reject. Editors must be objective and fair in their duties without distinction of gender, ethnicity, religion, political views, or geographical origin of the authors. Editors should also accept manuscripts based on academic merit and without commercial influence. The anonymity of the reviewer must be maintained by the editor.

Publish ethical issues
Authors, reviewers, and editors must maintain the integrity of academic records throughout the entire publication process. Business needs must be prevented from compromising intellectual and ethical standards

Authors may refer to the International Standards for Editors and Authors ( by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) for policies not listed in these instructions.